Acwell AC Set



Fight your acnes without iritation with this set!

This AC Line Set consists of:

  1. Acne Clearing Deep Cleansing Foam 140ml x 1
  2. AC Return Toning Pad 120ml (50EA) x 1
  3. AC Calming Spot Gel 15ml x 1
  4. AC Night Repair Cream 50ml x 1
  5. AC Defence Ampoule 60ml x 1

Acne Clearing Deep Cleansing Foam: This deep cleansing foam is suitable for those who have acne / oily-combination skin, and people who look for a sebum and pore-care without having irritation.

AC Return Toning Pad: This double-sided toning pad is suitable for those who want mild exfoliating care without irritation.

    AC Calming Spot Gel: This calming spot gel is suitable as spot treatment for people who want to care for their troubled skin intensively without irritation.

    AC Night Repair Cream: This repair cream is suitable for those who suffers from damaged skin, acnes and acne scars.

      AC Defence Ampoule: A skin caressing facial mist. It hydrates, calms, protects and nourishes the skin.



      1. Acne Clearing Deep Cleansing Foam 140ml 
      2. AC Return Toning Pad 120ml (50EA)
      3. AC Calming Spot Gel 15ml 
      4. AC Night Repair Cream 50ml 
      5. AC Defence Ampoule 60ml 



      Acne Clearing Deep Cleansing Foam 
      AC Return Toning Pad
      AC Calming Spot Gel 
      AC Night Repair Cream 
      AC Defence Ampoule


      [HOW TO USE]

      1. Gently squeeze a small amount of Acne Clearing Deep Cleansing Foam on wet hands and rub together until it create a rich foam. Gently lather and massage onto face. Rinse with water.
      2. Then, wipe along the face with AC Return Toning Pad to clear the dead skin cell and wastes accumulated in pore and bumpy skin.
      3. Use AC Calming Spot Gel as spot treatment on troubled areas to soothe irritation. Apply on skin and massage until fully absorbed.
      4. Use AC Night Repair Cream as treatment care at night on concerned areas. Apply on skin and massage until fully absorbed.
      5. Spray AC Defence Ampoule on your skin whenever you need to refresh and calm your skin.

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