Always Be Pure

ALWAYS BE PURE Moon Cat Sleeping Mask 150ml


While you sleep, the freshest and high - quality green tea recovers your rough skin after a tough day

✅ Point 1 | 150ml big volume and sanitary for entire family
Natural and vegan ingredients for entire family. The skincare
product for all age and all skin type to apply before bed. Easy
to use and sanitary as the foreign object will not goes into
compare to the other can bottle sleeping mask.

✅ Point 2 | Include 10,500 ppm green tea extracts from Hadong
The main ingredients from the fresh and clean Hadong district
in Korea. Hadong wild green tea, with 1200 years of history
and known as its handmade production.

✅ Point 3 | Five Desert Complex extract
Using 5 desert plant extracts that are known as its perfect
moisturizing effect.

✅ Point 4 | Sodium Hyaluronate (SH) Included
Penetrate deeper into skin than the most heard ingredient
Hyaluronic acid (HA), which means it has a higher moisture

✅ Point 5 | Revitalizing and skin
Deliver hydration overnight and help repair the skin barrier.
No need to wash off, just leaving it on your skin until the next
morning. Lock the moisture on skin while sleeping.




Apply this in your last skincare routine every night and leave it on overnight and wash off next morning. Layer it 2-3 times for better soothing effect if the skin is particularly irritated an feels dry

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