FOCALLURE FA16 Pressed Powder with Sponge (3 Colours)



Invisible pores, clear and soft, natural and delicate, creating a light nude makeup

Moist, bright, simple to deal with makeup

Delicate and accommodating particles, slightly apply on the face,creating a longlasting makeup

01 : Suitable for fair complexion and whitening effect

02 : Suitable for medium and normal skin tone

03 : Suitable for wheat and dark skin

Brighten skin tone, bid farewell to dull skin

Make your skin fresh and not greasy, make your makeup look fresh

Long-lasting makeup, waterproof and sweat-resistant, long-lasting finish

Light and moisturizing, delicate and gentle, bid farewell to the trouble of floating powder


Net content: 8.4G

Weight: 26g / 0.92fl.oz


Including a ultra-soft puff

[shelf life] 36 months

Efficacy: Repairing Natural Skin Replenishing Refreshing Oil Control Waterproof Makeup

Suitable for skin type: any skin type


1.Please do not for purposes other than makeup.

2.Please do not put in direct sunlight or temperature is too high or too low.

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