FOCALLURE FA268 Poreless Primer Brighten and Moisture Ever-Matte Face Base




With its pore-fading formula, Focallure's transparent primer instantly shrinks pores and smooths fine lines, giving you a smooth, shiny, and long-lasting makeup finish.


Suitable for oily skin with large pores. Apply the cream evenly to the area of ​​skin you want to minimize pores, or any area you want to control oil, especially the T-zone.


Make-up effect:

Blur, shrink pores, and smooth skin.



1. Pores fade.

2. Smooth out wrinkles

3. Oil-control



Blur pores

Reduce wrinkles

Helps smooth skin surface → Perfectly smooth makeup base

Oil control for the skin in the T-zone



Before makeup, apply a primer evenly on areas with large pores and wrinkled skin for a perfectly smooth skin. If you have oily skin, apply generously to oil-prone areas for long-lasting oil control.


Skin Care Instructions:

Perfect for those with oily combination skin and want to unclog pores, smooth fine lines and control oil on the face.


Give advice:

Before foundation makeup

①: Use a primer for skin areas with large and uneven pores

②: Smooth the skin with wrinkles

③: Apply carefully to oily skin

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