FOCALLURE FA30 Liquid Foundation (8Type)



Oil-free concealer, brighten skin tone, moisturizing, soft and light

Focallure 8 color flawless liquid foundation

Create a natural nude look makeup

Oil-free concealer - covering skin imperfections, makes skin pores invisible

Brighten skin tone - protects the skin from radiance

Moisturizing - highly moisturizing, rich in moisturizing factor

Light and light skin - fine and fine powder, transparent effect

Hot color recommendation: 01 , 02, 03

Very fair skin tone: 01

Fair skin tone: 02

Natural but fair skin tone: 03

Yellow skin tone: 04

Yellowish blackish skin tone: 05

Healthy skin tone: 06 , 07 , 08

When two similar color numbers cannot be selected, it is recommended to choose a deeper color number to make the skin more textured.

*Specific color selection advice online customer service

Different makeup, shaping a variety of fashion

Texture: A refreshing moisturizing formula to cover skin imperfections, create invisible skin pores

Concealing power: Apply liquid foundation, scratches are covered

Holding makeup: continue to suppress oil, makeup is still dry and more natural Customized use, the beauty effect is deeper

1. Please make a good foundation before skin care and makeup before use.

2. Take an appropriate amount of liquid foundation and apply evenly from the center of the face to the outside with a brush.

3. Specially need to cover a small amount of repeated application, go to the next step of makeup

Net content: 31g

Cosmetic shelf life: 36 months

Foundation classification: liquid foundation

Whether it is sunscreen: yes

Efficacy: Modifying the skin color, setting makeup, concealing, oil control

Suitable for skin type: any skin

Shelf life: 3 years


Net Wet:30g Packed in retail package

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