FOCALLURE FA44 Bomb Lashes Volumizing Mascara



Soft and long curls, easy to create charm eyes With a light brush, the eyelashes are wide open, natural and curling, long and thick 3D black mascara, create sexy eyes, be a glamourous lady Magic curling curvature, easily paint the curved arc Closed fan eyelash, light shape, easy to clean, to meet your eyelash needs

1. Silicone brush head : Light and smooth, can wrap each eyelash

2. Slim charm, thick curling, clean and temperament

3. Waterproof and quick-drying, long-lasting makeup, not easy to smudge

4. The roots are clear. Gently paint to make the eyelashes shine.


Name: Plentiful Black Mascara 

Shelf life: 3 years

Suitable for skin type: any skin type

Is it waterproof: Yes

Eyelash Product Category: Single Head Mascara

Efficacy: thick anti-smudge dyeing long curling stereotype

Specification Type: Normal

Specifications Details: Brand new with retail Package

Net: 10ml 0.35FL.OZ

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