FOCALLURE FA56 Glitter & Glow liquid eyeshadow (14KINDS)

New gorgeous shine fashion
High flash pearl liquid eye shadow, metal texture, easy to shape
Diamond pearlescent polarized style makeup, with pearlescent shimmering powder, create bling bling eye makeup
Create sexy temperament, meet the high light,eye shadow and eyeliner
Charming sparkle, bright and colorful, 10 colors trend, moving gloss

Local embellishment: 1 to 3 color effect polarized, more suitable for embellishment, eyes, the shadow under the eyes, middle of the eyelids, setting off the eyes like the stars in the night, creating a cute look of bling bling makeup

Can be single eye shadow: 4 to 10 color is light, the pearl light spreads,better than traditional eye shadow application, not easy to agglomerate, dry and durable, create gorgeous shining eye makeup

New colour

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