IUNIK Mini Serum



Are you obsessed with adorable mini skincare items like us, or not sure which IUNIK Serum is best for you? Try this mini kit with all 4 of IUNIK'S best-selling serum!

  • 1x 15ml - Tea Tree Relief Serum: 67% Tea Tree water and 19% Centella, this gentle serum help to soothe troubled skin and provide nourishing hydration
  • 1x 15ml - Black snail Restore Serum: Enriched with 70 % Black snail mucin to improve elasticity and increase skin cell turnover.
  • 1x 15 ml - Propolis Vitamin Synergy Serum: A lightweight, ultra-nourishing serum enriched with 70 % propolis extract and 12% sea buckthorn extract to brighten, soothe and repair the skin
  • 1x15 ml - Rose Galactomyces Synergy Serum: A luxurious moisturizing serum powdered by naturally fragrant rosewater and infused with 50 % anti-aging powerhouse galactomyces



15ml (each)

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