iUNIK SAMPLE Tea tree relief serum



iUNIK Tea Tree Relief Serum is a lightweight, runny serum that is designed to calm and soothe agitated skin. The star ingredients are tea tree (67%), centella asiatica (20%), six sprout extracts and portulaca extract, which are supposed to moisturise and nourish the skin while keeping it clean and clear.

  • The serums gives a soft, light application that doesn’t feel heavy on your face. It’s perfect for oily and sensitive skin types, but we also tried it out on dry skin plagued by acne and redness, and it was a great fit for skin soothing, although it didn’t offer additional hydrating benefits.
  • It really takes the redness out of breakouts, post-acne marks and irritation. Despite containing tea tree, it doesn’t have a distinctive smells.

    [ VOLUME ]

    15 ML

    [ HOW TO USE ]

    Using the dropper, gently apply an appropriate amount onto your face and allow it to absorb


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