IZEZE Anyone Calming Toner 150ml



#Best Moisturizer

#Anyone Calming Toner.


A toner that works on all skin types!

🌟 Recommended for the following skin types 🌟


👉Skin that reacts to everything


👉Sensitive skin that often feels dry.


👉Skin that suffers from an imbalance of oil and moisture


👉Ideal for people who are sensitive to scents of cosmetics

(IZEZE has a subtle scent and can be used by both men and women.)




🌟 3 advantages of Anyone Calming Toner 🌟



Point 1✨


Contains Cypress Water (780,000PPM) instead of purified water!!


Point 2✨


Adenosine helps improve skin's elasticity


Point 3✨


Panthenol strengthens the skin's barrier



No harmful ingredients!


Safe ingredients only.

Made from EWG green score certified ingredients only.


[[What is EWG rating?]]


This is the grade for safety assessment of cosmetics ingredients that were made by a non-profit environmental organization in the U.S. through about 250 million studies.



💙 Texture & Sensation

👉 Moist Formula

Non-sticky, liquid texture that provides deep moisture to the skin


👉 Revitalizing Sensation

Non-oily, lightweight toner for a fresh sensation



🌈You can stop worrying about skin problems such as dehydration or sensitivity.🌈


💙Moist and fresh water-based texture


💙Non-sticky, suitable for hot weather


💙Use an appropriate amount and pat it all over your face until fully absorbed.


💙As a supreme hydration DIY sheet mask

Soak cotton pads with the toner and apply to face for deep hydration.


💙As a mist

Pour Anyone Calming Toner in an empty spray bottle and spritz it anytime.


✨Neatly building up moisture with Anyone line!



1. Apply an appropriate amount on a cotton pad.

2. Swipe it gently over your face and use your fingertips to pat in leftover toner until fully absorbed.

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