KAHI SEOUL Wrinkle Bounce Multi Balm 9g



Simple wrinkle care for the look of lines, wrinkles, crow's feet lines, '11' lines between brows, under eye lines, and puffy eyes are essential. 

Wrinkle care / Rejuvanating / Moisturizing / Anti-aging / Intensive wrinkle improvement


A moisturizing balm for multi-use.

Helps form a moisture barrier for a long-lasting hydration and to boost the lasting power of makeup.

Can apply as a lip balm or to create a glowy-looking complexion.

Infused with Salmon Complex such as Salmon Collagen and Sodium DNA, which increases the synthesis of collagen in the skin to restore the elasticity of the skin effectively.

Helps minimize the pores, increase the skin elasticity and radiance while reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Contains Jeju natural fermented oil such as Schisandra Berries to intensify the absorption.


- Apply it evenly on dry areas to keep your skin moisturized

- Apply it on dry lips to keep your lips moisturized

- Apply it once to instantly make your skin naturally radiant

- Apply it on split ends of hair as a damage care



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