Mary & May

MARY & MAY Mask 30EA [ Niacin Vit C /Collagen Peptide/ Cica Houttuynia/Hyaluronic/ Idebenon Blackberry 20EA ]



Mask sheets in a large-capacity case, Easily pull out one sheet each day, making it convenient, reasonable, and protects the environment by reducing unnecessary waste.


Niacinamide Vitamin C Brightening Mask [30ea/400ml]

-containing niacinamide + vitamin C that brightens dull and darkened skin, daily brightening care mask pack!


Collagen Peptide Vital Mask [30ea/400ml]

- containing low molecular collagen and peptide which are effective for wrinkle and elasticity improvement.


CICA Houttuynia Tea Tree Calming Mask [30ea/400ml]

-Mary & May Cica Eoseongcho Tea Tree Calming Mask Pack, Centella asiatica extract + Houttuynia cordata extract + tea tree extract with excellent anti-inflammatory and soothing effects for quick recovery and immediate effect, one daily soothing care mask pack! 


Hyaluronic Panthenol Hydra Mask [30ea/400ml]

- intensively hydrates dry and rough skin to make skin smooth and clear.


Premium Idebenon Blackberry Complex Ampoule Mask [20ea/250g]

-a premium peel-off mask pack that delivers a total solution of whitening, wrinkles, anti-oxidation, soothing and moisturizing to dry and dull skin. 






1. After cleansing, set the face with toner

2. Open the lid, open the protective cap, and take out one sheet with the mini tweezer.

3. After 10-15 minutes of letting the essence absorb into the skin, massage the remaining essence lightly to the whole face except around the eye are and lips.

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