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Nature Republic Real Nature Mask Sheet



The Nature Republic Real Nature Mask Sheet utilizes a triple-layered cellulose cotton sheet mask comprised of a layer of 23g of the main ingredient extract formulation, a layer of the base essence and another layer of excess essence. This helps to increase the absorption, keeping the mask moist longer to allow the skin more time to soak in the essence. Nature Republic Real Nature Mask Sheet is available in fourteen (14) different varieties that focus on different skin concerns. 



  • Acai Berry extract moisturizes and reduces wrinkles.
  • Aloe extract soothes irritated skin and makes your skin smooth.
  • Avocado extract fills dehydrated skin with ample moisture.
  • Bamboo extract reinforces the skin's moisture balance.
  • Camomile extract provides rich moisture and makes skin feel refreshed.
  • Cucumber extract moisturizes and makes skin soft.
  • Green Tea extract deeply moisturizes and helps the skin stay moisturized.
  • Olive extract makes the skin sleek with full nourishment.
  • Orange extract helps refine dull skin tone.
  • Royal Jelly extract provides nourishment and reduces wrinkles.
  • Rose extract moisturizes and revitalizes skin.
  • Shea Butter extract nourishes the skin with a luminous glow.
  • Tea Tree extract soothes and makes radiant skin.
  • Tomato extract hydrates and brightens skin.



1 Sheet / 23ml




*This list of ingredients represents all options or variants of this product. Actual ingredients in a given product option may vary from this list. Ingredients subject to change at manufacturer's discretion. For the most complete and up-to-date list of ingredients, please refer to product packaging.



  1. Unfold and place the mask on the face, avoiding eye and lip area.
  2. Leave on for 10-20 minutes.
  3. Discard the mask and gently pat for further absorption.

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