PINKFLASH E10 Lengthening Waterproof Micro Brush Mascara



[Micro brush head]

All corners of the eyelashes can be easily brushed at 360°, including eyelashes at the head and tail of the eyes, as well as ultra-short lower eyelashes.

[Ultrathin fiber]

Eyelashes naturally extend indefinitely. [Natural Curl] Light formula makes your eyelashes maintain curl effect for a long time, lightweight and never weight your lash down.


Oily formula, waterproof and easy to remove, swimming is not afraid.

Others Brand:Not waterproof → We: Oily formula,Super waterproof

Others Brand:Sticky and Clump → We:Never cross



Ultrathin fibre

Rich fibre

Separate & Natural Curl & Never Cross



Skinny brush

Easy to remove


5G/ 4.5ML


1. Curl eyelashes

2. Use an mascara brush, horizontally and upward

3. The eyelashes of the eye head should be tilted 45° from 1/3 of the eyelash brush to the eye head

4. The eyelashes at the end of the eye tilt toward the end of the mascara

5. Gently remove the lashes with your fingers and brush the mascara vertically

6. Brush your eyelashes horizontally again for an instant increase effect

Tip:Can be used with PinkFlash eyeliner to create attractive eyes for you

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