RURUBERRY Alpha Arbutin Toner (150ml)



A milky, microbiome-friendly toner that hydrates, softens and enlivens for more even skin tone and less hyperpigmentation marks while prepping to improve the look of sallow and dry skin with added vibrancy. 

Alpha Arbutin, derived from Arbutin (sometimes referred to as “natural hydroquinone”) traditionally extracted from bearberry plants, is a skin-lightening and depigmenting agent that mimics hydroquinone in the reversion of melanin generation but with a much better safety profile and none of the irritation or cytotoxicity connected to it: making this a very reliable option for treating and preventing various pigmentation issues including post-blemish redness, age spots and pink/purple scarring

[ Key Ingredients ]

- Alpha-Arbutin [1%]

- Meadowfoam Seed Oil 

- Alpha-Glucan Oligosaccharide

- Hydroxyacetophenone

[ Directions ]

Use twice daily. Slightly shake before dispensing an appropriate amount into the palm of your hands or a cotton pad. Gently smooth over clean skin and press lightly onto cheeks, forehead and chin areas. Continue dabbing across face and neck until fully absorbed. Follow with serums and moisturizer. Wear SPF during the day. 

[ Recommended For ]

-All skin types/tones. 

-Those whose complexion appears constantly blotchy and uneven, with persistent or recurrent dark patches that linger. 


[ Good to Know ]

Our skin is a barrier that serves as one of the body’s first and most important line of defence. Having a well-balanced skin microbiota and keeping your resident skin microbiome in a great condition can not only improve the skin’s health and function at its source but also help make sure that you’re on the right path to happy, resilient skin. A strong and uncompromised skin barrier will be able to keep moisture in and irritants out, and effortlessly shield against inflammation and infection while diminishing the risk of many skin issues such as dehydration, sensitivity, premature aging and more. 

Alpha-Arbutin is suitable for use on all skin tones, irrespective of your natural skin colour, as it neither bleaches skin nor destroys melanin but works to lighten areas that are darkened due to excessive melanin production (i.e. non-normal pigmentation) and help manage the uneven tones to create an overall more balanced, harmonious complexion. 

Try this on other parts of your body that are prone to dark spots or discoloration too – underarms, elbows, even bikini lines

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