Some By Mi

Some By Mi H7 Hydro Max Cream + Tone Up-Cream Set



This set consists of:

  1. Some By Mi H7 Hydro Max Cream 50ml x 1
  2. Some By Mi Rose Intensive Tone-Up Cream / V10 Vitamin Tone-Up Cream 50ml x 1

Some By Mi H7 Hydro Max Cream: Sealing and healing moisturizing cream for very dry skin and especially those suffering from eczema. Formulated with 7 types of Hyaluronic Acid to deeply moisturizes the skin.

Intensive Tone-Up Cream: This is a cream to tone-up the skin as it naturally adheres to the skin and whitens only on the face but also on the body. It provides an outstanding glow to the skin the moment you apply it.



H7 Hydro Max Cream 50ml
Rose Intensive Tone-Up Cream / V10 Vitamin Tone-Up Cream 50ml



Some By Mi H7 Hydro Max Cream 
Some By Mi Rose Intensive Tone Up Cream 
Some By Mi V10 Vitamin Tone-Up Cream



  1. After cleansing and applying basic products, apply an appropriate amount of H7 Hydro Max Cream until fully absorbed.
  2. Then, apply suncreen and the Intensive Tone-Up Cream before any makeup application.

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