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STRANGE SUGAR Baddie Firm Sugar 50g (mini)


~ Baddie Firm Sugar 50g (mini)~


What is Baddie Firm Sugar: -


A tube of firm sugaring paste for beginner-friendly experience & no-mess waxing session. It is also suitable for all skin types including sensitive & delicate skin


1.Needs preheating

2.Similar to sugaring paste

3.Suitable for all skin types (Delicate, reactive skin, sensitive skin, normal skin)

4.Can be used for face & all body parts like facial hair, brows, upper lip, lower lip, chin, pubic hair (bikini, brazilian, boyzilian), moustache, armpit, leg hair, full arm, full leg, full back, chest, stomach

5.Can be used for all types of hair (stubborn, course, short, very fine (min 0.5cm), normal & long hair)Can be used for both male & female


What you will get in every set: -


1x 50g Firm Sugar

1x box

10x reusable waxing strips

2x reusable wooden applicators



How long does it lasts:

⏰ 2-3 months depending on the frequency of your waxing session


How many times can you wax with Baddie Firm Sugar:

Both armpits: 3-5x

Both legs: 2-3x

Pubic: 3-4x

Whole body: 1x


What are the ingredients:

🎂 Sugar, water, citric acid, color pigment (titanium dioxide & mica), carbomer, fragrance


Note: Always get fresh sugar every 2-3 months for optimum hair removal result 🎀

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