Bouquet Garni

BOUQUET GARNI Fragranced Body Mist 145ml





Body mist available in five types of fragrance that provide long-lasting scent for nine hours.


Combines BOUQUET GARNI's unique technology with premium ingredients.


Contains Tocopheryl Acetate to keep your body moisturized.


Gently removes dead skin cells and impurities with citric acid to promote smooth skin.



After shower, spray on the desired body parts for a pleasant scent or to moisturize your body.

Repeatedly spray if needed.





Baby powder: A baby-like,cozy and sweet scent

White Musk:An alluring musk scent with floral base notes

Clean Soap:A lovely blend of cozy powder and fresh soap scents

Vanilla Musk: A sensuous musk scent with vanilla and powder

Ylang Ylang: A lovely ylang ylang scent with delicate floral notes

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