Etude House

ETUDE HOUSE Fixing Tint (11 Kinds)


1. Weightless & Easy Fixation
High-moisture matte formula delivers light and comfy feeling on the lips
2. Transfer-Proof Fixation
60 seconds after application, Zero TRANSFER!
3. Moist Fixation
New Hydro-Matte Texture that fixates and colors the lips with moist finish

This lip tint's hydro-matte formula offers long-lasting wear.
The weightless texture blends smoothly on the lips without transferring onto your face mask.


Apply it over the entire lip line to create full cover lips, or tap on the center of the lips to spread naturally to create gradation lips.

For a bold look, apply a moderate amount along the edge of lips and then fill in the inner part.
For a gradated effect, gently apply from the inner lips and move outwards.


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