FOCALLURE FA195 Glittering Liquid Eyeshadow (7 Types)


Focallure Starlight Liquid Eyeshadow, Let your eyes shine like stars!

【Five Colors Choice】Whether it's for daily use or professional use, there's always one color that fits your needs

【2 Textures】Shimmer、glitter, add rich color to your eye makeup and make you eye-catching on any occasion

【High Pigment】High pigment, more sequins, waterproof, long-lasting 【Quick-drying】Dry quickly after applying makeup, non-sticky, soft texture, lightweight and comfortable, easy to remove

【Not Easy To Fall Off】Strong adhesion, not easy to fall off, suitable for sensitive eyes and sensitive skin

【Multi-function Brush】Different usages have different effects, use it as an eyeliner brush or as an eyeshadow brush. The brush head is soft and smooth, not easy to have brush marks

S01 Gray Lily

S02 Polar Star

S03 Champagne Shimmer

G01 Brilliant Stars

G02 Rose Gold Diamondz

Shimmer、glitter, 2 textures

High pigment

Waterproof, Long-lasting

More sequins, easy to apply

Quick-drying, non-sticky, easy to remove

Strong adhesion, not easy to fall off

The soft brush head, not easy to have brush marks

How to use:

Usage 1: After the powdery eyeshadow, use the built-in brush to apply to the middle of the eyelid, lying silkworm,eye-head, and other areas where you want to brighten up. Then use your fingers to blend it, which makes your eyes more bright and vivid

Usage 2: Use the built-in brush to apply a large area of the entire eyelid, according to the needs of the superposition, to achieve the desired effect

Usage 3: Shimmer liquid eyeshadow can be used as a liquid eyeliner pencil, use the built-in brush to create the desired eyeliner shape for a colorful and varied eye makeup

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