FOCALLURE FA199 Eyelash Curler



【Maximum Curl】The curvature design is customized for Asians, can reach every-last lash even the short lashes, and make your lashes spread evenly with intense curling.

【Instant & Lasting Curl】Soft silicone pads with a fitting curve and easy-pressed handle can provide perfect pressure and create strong curl in seconds that last all day long, and doesn't hurt your eyelashes.

【Pinch-Free】No more painful when you curling lash, the perfect fit curvature design wouldn't pinch your lid anymore and round off every corner to smooth which doesn't hurt your skin.

【High-Quality Material】Make of sturdy premium steel, it is not easy to deform or break.

Strong Curl

Lasting Lift

Perfect match curvature design


Soft silicone pads

Sturdy Premium Steel

Press effortlessly

Not hurt skin

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