FOCALLURE FA53 Perfect face matte primer



*This primer doesn't have inner tube, it is adopted vacuum extrusion design, please don't think the tube was broken.

*If you can't pump the primer out, please contact us at time.

Reasons to fall in love with it:

1. Gel texture. Transparent liquid, clear texture, light and oil control, refreshing and non-greasy, delicate and smooth makeup.

2. Enhance the skin tone. Skin tone can be modified according to different skin tone problems

3. Refreshing oil control. Fresh makeup, make the subsequent makeup more natural

Transparent gel texture, light and skin-friendly, refreshing oil control

Vacuum extrusion design, pressing head and screw cap, good sealing

The vacuum bottle does not need an inner tube, and it needs to be pressed several times for the first time.


Q1. Can I use makeup before use immediately after skin care?

A: Due to different skin types, according to personal feelings, after applying skin care, you can use the back of the hand to test the slight residual stickiness of the face.

Q2. Why do I apply the mud on face after use this?

A: Excessive dosage, the control dosage is amount like one soy bean, you can apply 5 points on the upper face, middle and lower cheeks,then push away

Applicable parts: face

Texture classification: gel

Whether sunscreen: no

Efficacy: Oil control Brighten skin tone Make up before makeup

Suitable for skin type: mixed skin type

Shelf life: 3 years

Specification Type: Normal Specifications Cosmetic

shelf life: 36 months

Color classification: transparent

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