FOCALLURE FA58 Full Coverage Concealer (7 Colours)



Create flawless skin, starting from concealer FOCALLURE 7 colors concealer, soft texture, easy to apply, good ductility, can better cover dark circles, bags under the eyes, face spots, etc., to create the ideal makeup effect

*Delicate and smooth, flawless beauty When applied,the cream will turn to the delicate and smooth watery feeling, and naturally blends with the skin to easily cover the face. *Modify skin tone, soft and gentle A smooth cream, delicate and sleek to make the skin more comfortable and soft, and the skin tone is obviously improved

*Day to night, long-lasting Long-lasting formula, good hiding power, gentle skin-friendly, long-lasting makeup, make makeup look fresh and natural Good hiding power, make makeup look fresh and natural Clear concealer, give you a thin sense of love Instructions:

1. To maintain thorough cleaning before use, be sure to do a moisturizing job to ensure that the skin can maintain sufficient moisture.

2. Apply by tapping with a finger, press the concealer into the fine lines of the skin, and gently tap it with your fingertips.

3. According to the "small number of times" method, as a partial use, it is recommended to choose a color number that is a little deeper than the foundation. After the isolation, the concealer should be used. The foundation must be light and thin, and gently pressed into the skin texture. Do not apply it back and forth.

Shelf life: 36 months

Concealer Product Category: Concealer

Concealer: Covers spots, freckles, dark circles, acne marks

Specification Type: Normal

Specifications Name: Concealer

Effect: Modify skin tone Concealer Waterproof Brighten skin tone

Suitable for skin type: any skin type

Shelf life: 3 years

Detail: Wide 22MM*Long 42MM

Net Wet:4g/.14oz

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