Im Unny

IM UNNY Designing Browcara 染眉膏 (2 kinds)


**Previously as “UNNY CLUB My Browcara”, this renamed product has the same formula and shade as the old version.**

**This product will be distributed randomly with “UNNY CLUB My Browcara” or “I’M UNNY Designing Browcara” printed on the packaging unless otherwise specified**

Accentuates each eyebrow texture and expresses an intricate shape by lightly sweeping the brow like air with the 45-angle skinny brush
The mousse texture naturally tidies up the eyebrow texture without clumps after drying
The fast-drying, strong setting effect provides sudge-free, vivid color that's resistant to sweat and oil

A long-lasting brow mascara with a slim brush that gives you natural-looking eyebrows that match your hair color.

1. Adjust amount before use.
2. Coat the color in the opposite direction of hair growth.

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