Im Unny

IM UNNY Double Active Volume Mascara 卷翘睫毛膏

IM UNNY DOUBLE ACTIVE VOLUME MASCARA creates lengthened and voluminous eyelashes, curled all-day without worrying of smudging, clumping or drooping.

RECOMMENDED for people who is always stay in door

1. Lengthen lashes to optimum height - clump-free application that gives each individual lash a natural and optimum lift
2. Powerful correction technique - apply smoothly when wet, doesnt flake or droop when dry
3. Smudge-proof double-film formula - unique enhanced double-formula that keeps lashed curled and protects from smudging for hours
4. Easy removal - no need to use mascara remover for cleansing

COLOR : Black

Apply a sufficient amount of mascara liquid to your eyelashes by using the brush. After adjusting the amount of content on the end of brush at the mouth of container, apply it to your eyelashes from roots to tops in zigzags.

TIP : To highlight the volume, touch each eyelash with the end part of the brush.

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