Im Unny

IM UNNY Real Fit Skinny Mascara 纤长睫毛膏

RM28.80 RM42.30
IM UNNY REAL FIT SKINNY MASCARA is a water proof, longlasting, clump-free and smudge-free eye makeup to creates lengthened eyelashes.

RECOMMENDED for people who is always stay outdoor which potentially exposed to sun and rain.

1.Improved proof function - the upgraded proof function provides smudge-free application that is resistant to water and sweat all day by coating each eyelash
2. 2.5mm skinny brush - even beginners can express clump-free and even lash makeup by applying on the root of the eyelashes in detail
3. Deed eye makeup, long-lash effect - the micro fiber with bridge function expresses lengthened natural eyelashes by applying on even short lashes

1. Closely place the brush on the root of the eyelashes.
2. Comb 2-3 times while moving in a zigzag motion, starting from the inside and working outward.
3. 3. Tidy up the lashes while holding the brush vertically as a finishing touch

TIP : Apply the product after using a lash curler to express more curled-up lashes

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