Im Unny

IM UNNY Ultra Slim Eyeliner 防水眼线胶笔(8 kinds)


**Previously as “UNNY CLUB Super Slim Eyeliner”, this renamed product has the same formula and shade as the old version.**

**This product will be distributed randomly with “UNNY CLUB Super Slim Eyeliner” or “I’M UNNY Ultra Slim Eyeliner” printed on the packaging unless otherwise specified**

A sliding-soft gel eyeliner that defines the eyes with vivid color.
The 1.5mm tip offers precise and easy application.
Waterproof, sweat-resistant.

Colors available:

#S01 Kill Black (Matte)
#S02 Deep Brown (Matte)
#S03 Mocha Brown (Matte)
#S04 Amber Brown (Glitter)
#S05 Honey Brown (Glitter)
#S06 Plum Purple (Glitter)
#S07 Deep Green (Glitter)
#S08 Night Blue (Glitter)

How to use:

Create a line from beginning to end along the lash line.

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