Im Unny

IM UNNY Watery Rose Makeup Base 玫瑰保湿妆前乳30ml

RM44 RM59.20

IM UNNY WATERY ROSE MAKEUP BASE is a vitamin rich and silicone-free gel product containing naturally derived ingredients for pore care before applying makeup.

1. Silicone-free formula - worry-free formula without silicones results to there is no pore blockage
2. Moisturizes and soothe skin - to provide a clear and smooth outcome on the skin
3. Brighten skin with damask rose water - vitamin-rich damask rose water delivers vitality and health to skin


1. Use as the last step of your skincare routine
2. Use the spatula to take a moderate amount of product
3. Apply it to areas where you are concerned about pores
4. Dissolve the product gently with your fingers and spread it out smoothly

TIP : The gel melts in response to your skin's temperature and absorbs well into skin. Apply the gel little by little rather than a large amount all at once.

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