Kayman Beauty

KAYMAN Hyalumelon Mist Toner 110ml



🍉 Provides ample hydration to the skin.

🍉 Centella Asiatica to cool and soothe the skin.

🍉 Lightly moisturizes and helps with dry patches.

🍉 Perfect to be used for layering, sandwich method and 7-skin method.

🍉 Helps with redness, irritation and skin inflammation (including acne and sunburn).

🍉 Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

🍉 Free from alcohol, essential oils, synthetic fragrance and synthetic colourant.

🍉 It has a mild rice-like scent.



Toner is used right after cleansing. Applying on damp skin is the best. But since HyaluMelon Toner is in a mist bottle, you can use it as a face mist too! Spritz and refresh your skin every few hours.This bouncy toner can be used as a mask mixing liquid as well.



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