MIXSOON Soondy Centella Asiatica Essence 100ml




Key Function: Reduce Acne | Soothing | Skin Protection | Elasticity


Recommended for: skin with inflammation and acne that needs soothing, tired skin that lost it's ability to restore itself, dull skin with uneven skin tone, skin that lost elasticity.


[LIMITED EDITION] SOONDY Centella Asiatica Essence: Madecassic acid and madecoplicoside, the active ingredients of centella asiatica, quickly soothe and restore sensitive skin. They also strengthen the skin barrier to make skin healthy and elastic.





Water ,Butylene Glycol ,Centella Asiatica Extract




1) Daily care: After cleansing, take an appropriate amount into your palm and apply evenly on your face and neck.

2) Toner care: Soak a cotton pad and apply on areas that need intensive care.

3) MIX: Mix with your basic skincare products in 10:1 ratio.

4) Mist: Pour MIXSOON extract essence into the empty mist bottle and spray on your face when needed.


Centella Asiatica 积雪草纯露:舒缓,镇静,恢復肌膚彈性,改善痘痘,修復肌膚 ,維持肌膚健康


1. 镇定肌肤:镇定敏感肌,强化肌肤屏障,打造健康、富有弹力的肌肤

2. 皮肤护理UP:皂苷成分强化皮肤屏障,提升皮肤状态

3. 弹力 UP:促进胶原蛋白生成,增强皮肤弹力

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