SEOUL 4PM Galactomyces Niacinamide Serum 30ml



Seoul 4PM Own Branded Serum


Galactomyces reessii is a yeast that makes Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate.

4PM Serum's Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate is high Quality & Well-Refined. It makes your skin alive


[Why Seoul 4PM?]


#1. Moiturized skin - Galactomyces fermentation filtrate

Galactomyces Fermentation Filtrate helps thicken and moisturize and strengthens the skin barrier.

It is made from natural yeast.

It also synthesizes collagen and supplies the skin with moiturizing agents such as vitamins, amino acids, and various minerals.


#2. Anti aging - Niacinamide

Found in plants and grains, Niacinamid prevents melanin moving to the surface of the skin creating a crystal skin effect.

The 4PM serum takes advantage of this to make your skin glow at the most exhausting time of the day 4pm.


[POST TONER] Few drops on troubled spots!


Step 1. Wash and exfoliate your skin using a toner.

Step 2. Apply 3~5 drops the serum to areas above the cheeks and/or chin. Be sure to the serum gets to the areas with decolorized skin or acne.


※ Note : You may feel slight sensations of tingling due to the Niacinamide. If too uncomfortable, apply after lotion or with cream.

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