Some By Mi

SOMEBYMI Propolis B5 Glowing Barrier Calming Mask 100G

-Golden texture full of nutrients, Honey Jar Mask
-Unique calming & barrier care, an exclusive agent of SOME BY MI
-Moisturizing, vibrant synergy UP, the best combination full of the best ingredients

- Those with damaged skin conditions due to sensitivity, breakouts, etc
- Those who are concerned about skin that becomes sensitive to tiny stimuli
- Those who are concerned about skin irritation due to wearing mask for a long time
- Those with skin that becomes easily puffy due to extreme inner dryness
- Those who’d like to experience high-quality spa care
- Those who’d like to have a shining bare face

After washing the face, apply a thick layer of the product to a dry face.
Gently rinse it off with lukewarm water after 5~10 minutes


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