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SOMEBYMI Propolis Glow Barrier Calming Oil To Foam 120ml


💛Oil & Foam Two cleansing steps at once💛
Propolis perfect solution for sensitive skin concerns

Troublesome double cleansing, Simply at once

💧Oil meets the water and immediately transforms into bubble foam☁️
After the first oil cleansing, wet the hand with lukewarm water and slowly massage in a rolling motion. Oil turns into a rich foam to allow second bubble foam cleansing right away.

🍯Calming X Honey glow Honey oil base🍯
🌼Healthy naturally sourced cleansing agents🌼

😉It is even safe to use for Acne-prone skin that becomes sensitive during cleansing😉
✔️Thoroughly removes pore impurities, makeup just in one cleansing

💛Cleanser for all skin type that even removes the skin type💛
✔️Completed hypoallergic for sensitive skin
✔️Tested product suitable for acne-prone skin

💧Refreshing calming after cleansing without feeling tight💧
🍯115,000 ppm of PROPANTHENOL™ that complete the honey-glowing skin🍯

⚡️Easy cleansing,
Easy making honey glowing skin⚡️

✔️STEP 01 → Take a proper amount onto the dry face and gently massage to dissolve the makeup.
✔️STEP 02 → Wet the hand with lukewarm water to create rich foam and gently cleanse in a rolling motion.
✔️STEP 03 → Thoroughly rinse with warm water.

- Those who’d like to finish complicated cleansing in just one step
- Those who’d like to have a radiant bare face
- Those with damaged skin conditions due to sensitive problematic skin
- Those who are concerned about the skin that becomes sensitive to tiny stimuli
- Those who are concerned about skin irritation due to wearing the mask for a long time
- Those with skin that becomes dry after cleansing

🍯Honey skin routine Propolis B5 line for sensitive problematic skin🍯
Propolis B5 Oil To Foam → Propolis B5 Calming Mask → Propolis B5 Calming Toner → Propolis B5 Calming Serum → Propolis B5 Calming Cream


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