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What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is Zero Sugar, Low Calories (only 15kcal per serving) health drink enjoyed by Hollywood stars as it is fermented and extracted from green tea or black tea.


Teazen Kombucha is a healthy fermented drink that contains all 12 types of lactobacillus, which are intestinal beneficial bacteria, and all of the probiotics that feed on lactobacillus.

It’s only 15kcal and No Sugar! No worry about calories!


Organic kombucha powder from German / Probiotic + 12 lactobacillus species


Nutrition Fact

15kcal per 1 serving

No Current Sugar, No Fat, No Cholesterol!


VEGAN Friendly :

Sugar free, alcohol free, dairy free, gluten free, Soy free, Non-GMO. Only 15 kcal per one stick and can be enjoyed even by consumers who are burdened with alcohol because organic sugar and alcohol are decomposed into beneficial strains such as lactic acid bacteria.



Easily enjoy the fermented tea Kombucha, which helps immunity & digestive even with a single drink.


How to Drink Teazen Kombucha!

**Enjoy Teazen Kombucha

Add 1 Kombucha stick to 250ml to 500ml of water and shake and stir enough! The colder the water, the better you can feel the sparkling water.

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