TEAZEN Organic Jeju Green Tea (1.2gx40)




~Organic Jeju Green Tea ~ 48g(1.2gx40)


Organic Green Tea 100% only from Clean Jeju Island, green tea with deep, rich, and savory taste.

This Green Tea has low bitterness because it is only made up of young first flush leaves harvest in early spring.

All individually packaged, very convenient for drinking at work/home or giving to friends.



Pour 100°C boiled water and wait 2-3 minutes.



Organic Green Tea 100%


~Matcha Latte~ 101.5g(14.5gx7)



Fine and decadent tea that can help improve circulation, and can help cope with cramps, headaches, and fever

Amazing tea for everyone to shore and enjoy

Just pour hot water and enjoy high quality tea

The rich flavor of the seasoning is combined with so soft with sweet cream and thick tea

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